32% Tax Credit

Diverse Projects

The Section 481tax credit is in place in Ireland to encourage the creation of innovative documentaries, as well as film and television, animation, visual effects and post-production.

Acting coproducers

Our member studios can act as your co-producers in Ireland eliminating the need for you to source local production partners making it more cost effective for International productions.

Advisory Services

Our Studios supervise Ireland's Section 481 Tax Incentive for digital film and TV production and post-production. We are experienced with the Irish tax authorities and all the professional disciplines needed to submit tax incentive applications.

Eligible Expenditure

The tax credit – of up to 32% – applies to all eligible Irish expenditure, including all activities that take place in Ireland: cast, crew, goods, services, accommodation, and all aspects of post-production and VFX..

Streamlined Tax rebates

The 'Section 481' tax credit for television and film that Ireland offers is one of the most favorable and simplified tax rebates for visual effects that can be found anywhere in the world.


Continued government support and new initiatives like the increased cap of €125 million in 2023 ensures Ireland can attract a wider range of high-quality and larger scale production.