The voice of the VFX industry in Ireland

We represent Ireland's VFX studios

VFX Ireland is a trade association that represents Ireland’s VFX studios; EGG VFX, Element VFX, Outer Limits, Piranha Bar, SSVFX and Windmill Lane.  


Each of our member studios have an established track record for delivering award-winning VFX work, with credits and awards in a wide range of genres, in episodic drama series and feature films. Ireland has an excellent international reputation. High quality Irish VFX work has been recognised with EMMY, BAFTA, IFTA and VES nominations, with work on titles such as, A Discovery of Witches, Bad Sisters, Black Panther, Good Omens, Joe Pickett, Gran Turismo, Ahoska, Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, The Favourite, The Woman King, and Wendell & Wilde.



Ireland’s VFX Studios

Ireland's 32% Tax Credit

The tax credit – of up to 32% – applies to all eligible Irish expenditure, which includes all activities that take place in Ireland: cast, crew, goods, services, accommodation, including all aspects of post-production and VFX. 

All our member studios have helped International production partners navigate Ireland’s Section 481 Tax Credit for TV & Film, whether the project is a full production or VFX only.


Example projects include Intergalactic (2022 BAFTA Nominee for VFX), The Woman King (2023 IFTA Winner for VFX), Bad Sisters, The Irishman, Spider Man, No Way Home, Joe Pickett, Bodkin, Avenue, Wendell & Wild

The benefits of doing VFX in Ireland

Global Innovator

Ireland is in the top 10 of the Global Innovation Index. The world’s leading businesses have bases here in Ireland, many of them their headquarters. Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Adobe, Air BnB, Twitter … and many more.

Strategic Position

Ireland is conveniently located on Europe's Atlantic coast, an hour from London, five hours from New York, and nine hours from LA. According to European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, “Ireland Lies at the Heart of Europe and the gateway to the world.”

English speaking

Ireland is the only native English speaking country in the Eurozone, making it an ideal European base for international productions. 

An Active Film Industry

Ireland has a long history in film, both indigenous and international. VFX Ireland is proud to be part of an industry, employing highly skilled and experienced personnel at all stages of production, on each side of the camera. 

Technology Focus

Ireland's role as a global technology hub reflects our long tradition of education and creativity and Ireland’s Visual Effects industry is a reflection of this. Our member studios have partnered on multiple projects sharing assets, toolsets and workflows to ensure efficient project delivery.

Access to Talent

As an EU member state Ireland has Visa free access for talent opening up an entire continent of expertise across creative and technical disciplines.