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About Piranha Bar

Piranha Bar’s VFX and Animation studio has a 20-year history of high end VFX-driven commercials and long-form content. Situated on a grand square in the heart of Dublin, the multi-storey building houses multiple Nuke and 3D seats along with a busy edit house. The studio specializes in advanced digital characters and offers a full in house performance capture pipeline capable of delivering incredible emotional depth and sophistication in facial animation and motion capture.


The studio has a strong R&D culture where the exploration of cutting edge techniques compliments our battle tested teams and infrastructure to deliver on all challenges, big and small. Our combination of award winning creative talent and passion for the latest image making tech enables us to make a unique contribution to any project.


Awards: Our work has been the recipient of over 45 awards across commercials and content. Including; Shark Awards, many Gold and Silver Craft Bells for our work on commercials, a Digital Emmy award for documentary Last Hijack. We were voted Best Post Production Company of the Year at the Shark Awards 2021 and recently selected for an Epic Games MegaGrant for our real time VFX project IRL.

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Recent projects

Game Of Thrones Studio Tour

In the 30 second spot, a sinister icy force subsumes northern landscapes cheered on by a malevolent raven who leads the frozen fun to the Studio Tour building in Banbridge. Director Gavin Kelly sourced spectacular landscapes and threaded them together with the iconic raven, while supervising the sophisticated ice effects applied to both close ups and broad vistas. Each shot had to have 3D geometry meticulously tracked over the rocks, mountains and rivers so digital ice effects could be applied. The final reveal of the Game of Thrones Studio Tour entrance was created entirely in 3D while the real thing was being readied for opening.


Idents for Virgin Media

To launch their new and exclusive channel Virgin More, Virgin Media approached us here at Piranha Bar to conjure idents that encapsulated the brand’s vision.

As a home of premium and exclusive content only available to Virgin Media subscribers, More is a brand of rare beauty. 

We saw the MORE logotype as the epicentre of a universe, where what’s rare is beautiful. 

Director Richard Chaney invented a wide variety of fantastical realms which intertwined surreal aesthetics with echoes of know worlds. The final campaign comprises four of the client’s favourites, which each gave our 3D leads scope to flex their muscles in the creation of fresh aesthetics using rarely used techniques.


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